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Modular Packaging Machines

Solid Dose Counting Machines


Electronic counters                                                                                                                                   Slat Fillers

MC2-Benchtop Tablet/Capsule Filler Model 48-06 (up to 100 BPM/100 Count)
VC-12 Electronic Tablet Counter (up to 50 BPM) Model 48-10 (up to 150 BPM/100 Count)
VCM-12 Electronic Tablet Counter Model 48-10 Servo (up to 150 BPM/100 count)
Model SC-72 (up to 200 BPM/100 count)


Surge Tables

Accumulation Table MT-36-A Surge Table MT-36-S Unscrambling Table MT-36-U

Dessicant Inserter

48-6-DES 6 Lane Canister Desiccant Counter