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48-6-DES 6 Lane Canister Desiccant Counter

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48-6-DES 6 Lane Canister Desiccant Counter


Most efficient small footprint counter operating with all fill slats 

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Product Details

48-6- DES 6 Lane Canister Dessicant Counter

Main Features

  • GMP Design
  • Operates with 48 slats
  • AC inverter main drive with safety clutch
  • Independent variable speed Top Brush
  • Precision slat sensing system ensures accurate count
  • Quick tool-less Change-over parts
  • Motorized head tilt
  • Color touch screen interface
  • Easily removable product contact parts
  • Hopper level proximity sensor
  • Easy to adjust vibrator assembly
  • Dessicant verification with reject station
  • Adjustable pitch funnels available
  • Single or Multiple drop canisters
  • Capable of running multiple size canisters