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MC-2 Benchtop Tablet/Capsule Filler

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MC-2 Benchtop Tablet/Capsule Filler


The MC-2 is a versatile machine built for check counting, semi-automatic bench filling, and fully automatic automated filling. This machine will handle a wide range of products from 3mm tablets to #00 capsules with no change parts required. You can use the MC-2 in a lab or on a line for verification of count. It can be setup for small batch runs, or with the optional base you can roll it up to a conveyor for a fully automated filling machine. All contact parts are easily removed with hand knobs for ease of cleaning.With its many features, the MC-2 offers a great value at a low cost. Requires only a 110volt outlet for operation, no pneumatics are required.

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Product Details

Standard Features

•The "New" benchtop MC-2 utilizes vibratory feeders to allow for all sizes and shapes of product

•Easy set-up and breakdown. (No tools required)

•Plugs into standard 110V outlet; no air required

•PLC Controls & Laser Sensors

•Vacuum port for dusty products

•Rugged stainless steel construction

•0.5 Cubic Foot Hopper capacity

•Automation package available