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Pouch Desiccant Inserter (up to 80bpm)

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Pouch Desiccant Inserter (up to 80bpm)


Modular carries a Pouch Dispenser to meet your packaging needs. The Pouch Dispenser is a highly cost effective way to insert small pouches into a large variety of bottles and containers. It can be used for Desiccants, oxygen absorbers, Sensormatic Security Strips, and a wide variety of other products. With its  in-line design, the unit requires only 24 inches of conveyor space to operate allowing it to squeeze into a tight packaging line. The unit is also available with a gating system or timing screw package that are attached directly to the machine, allowing the entire system to be moved from line to line. The unit also comes with a full color touch screen HMI that can offer both English and Spanish allowing for easy operation. The HMI can also offer useful help menus that can describe the different settings allowing for easy setup without having to refer to a manual.


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Product Details

Standard Features:

-Quick Change Exit Chute

-Dual Stepper Motors

-Dual Track Drive Belts for maximum accuracy

-Automatic loading for easy product changes

-Speeds up to 300 CPM

-Pneumatically Operated

-Removable knife assembly for quick blade changes

-Dual color light tower for machine status

-Lockable Electrical panel

-Out of product and Jam Sensors

-Length Tolerance protection software

-Panasonic Controls


-Unwind Stand

-Mobile Stand

-Upstream and downstream sensors

-Gating system, star wheels, or timing screws

-Product Recipe for quick change over

-Allan Bradley Controls

-Unwind Enclosure

-Ethernet Connection

-Servo Motors

Operating Requirements:

-Pneumatic: 60-90 psi

-Electrical: 110 VAC (220 available)