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High Speed Sealer

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High Speed Sealer


Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

The ultra-compact machine delivers 2,500 Watts of power at the sealing head!

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Product Details

Standard Features

  • State of the art patented surface mount electronic system eliminates the need for water-cooling, radiators, pumps, etc.
  • Cap sizes up to 70mm diameter (sealing heads available for up to 120mm and specialty caps).
  • Patented design energy efficient foil sealing systems come complete and ready to use pre-assembled. Protected by over 15 patents.
  • Screens in English, Spanish and French.
  • Sealed, gasketed electronics provides protection for demanding environments.
  • LED “Heart-Beat” monitoring for simplified servicing.  No moving parts. 
  • Load sensitive operator assist “LED BAR GRAPH”, for easy set-up and operating status (PATENTED).
  • Consecutive and excessive fault detection.
  • Built in power save mode minimizes energy consumption.
  • Efficient advanced circuitry for increased power and minimizes waste heat production (Not air cooled like others on market).
  • Portable one piece welded frame with locking swivel castors and stainless steel leveling screws with floor pads.
  • Fast easy changeovers, height adjustment-accommodates 1” tall to 14" tall containers with a simple hand adjustment.
  • Standard digital bottle counter and rate meter (bottles per minute).
  • Mini-computer keeps track of basic statistics which include: A)  Total bottles sealed  B) Sealing power used  C) Batch and lot Numbers  D) Date  E) Faults encountered  F) Time  G)  Multi-Language Screens  H)  Conveyor speed  I)  User friendly menus and recipe storage  J)  And more.
  • Loss of current indicator.  Internal circuitry provides monitoring of sealing head power.  Automatically adjusts power as needed.
  • Interlocking stainless steel safety guard switches.
  • Easy to read two line digital full text display.  All operator settings including LED indicator lights at your fingertips. Minimizes operator training.
  • Main power switch with OSHA lockout for servicing.
  • State of the art plug in electronic manifold for sensors to hook up with no wiring required.
  • IQ-OQ validation assistance available.

Model AM-250 (more than 2,500 watts of output power at the sealing head where it is used)