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VCM-12 Electronic Tablet Counter

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VCM-12 Electronic Tablet Counter


The VCM-12 was designed to be our most versatile counting machine.  It is accurate, simple to operate and engineered for quick change-overs.

Products of any kind can be counted including gummies, clear soft gels and veterinary products.  There are a number of tray options available for the tablet counter.

The VCM-12 is a contemporary GMP design that is made in the USA.  Fully supported with parts and service.  This completely automated machine will increase your production.

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Product Details

Standard Features

  • • GMP design
  • Accurate Counts
  • Tool-Less Changeover
  • Multi-port Dust Extraction
  • Easy to access cleanable surfaces
  • Roll-up compact design
  • Gating cylinder bottle indexing
  • No Bottle and Bottle backup sensors
  • Wide Beam, Fiber-Optic counting sensors
  • Pneumatic clamp-on trays
  • Programmable Recipe Storage
  • Input/Output Diagnostics