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What's New

What's New at Modular

July 6, 2022

Machine Production is well underway at Modular's new location. This facility provides ample space for full line integration.  We currently have multiple line projects slated for completion early this fall.

We have seen a surge in orders for our Multi-lane counters since the introduction of our higher speed design.  This platform is easily retrofitted onto our existing Multi-channel counters already in the market place. Contact us for more information at customer.service@modularpackaging.com or by phone 973-970-9393.

The MPS 48-10 Slat Counter continues to be our most popular model capable of 150 bpm. We offer higher speed slat counters capable of 300 bpm with feed screw registration and front/back funnels.

Please visit our website periodically to get the latest updates and news on what's happening at Modular!!